Sail and Shrimp Net Making

Salter, John R., Jr.

San Ildefonso, Third Treaty of

San Lorenzo, Treaty of (Pinckney’s Treaty)

Sargent, Winthrop

Satterfield, John C.

School Consolidation Movement

Schutt, Jane


Scott County

Scott, Abram M.

Scott, Ed

Scott, George “Boomer”


Sears, Claudius Wistar

Seawright, James

Seay, James

Secessionist Movement


Semon, Larry

Sessions, Cliff

Shape-Note Singing


Sharkey County

Sharkey, William Lewis

Sharp, Jacob Hunter

Shearer, Cynthia

Shearwater Pottery

Shields, William Bayard

Ship Island During the Civil War

Shirley, Aleda

Shoo-fly Decks

Shotgun House

Shrimp Industry

Sillers, Walter, Jr.

Silver, James W.

Simmons, Earl

Simmons, J. Edgar, Jr.

Simmons, William J.

Simpson County

Sims, Naomi

Sinclair, Mary Craig

Sisters of Mercy


Six Sisters of the Gulf Coast

Sixteenth Section Lands

Skelton, Martha

Slaughter-Harvey, Constance

Slave Codes

Slave Communities

Slave Patrols

Slave Revolts

Slave Trade

Slavery and Agriculture

Slavery and Settlement

Slavery and Subsistence Economy

Slavery, Arguments for

Slavery, Colonial

Slavery, Native American

Slaves, Runaway

Slavic Immigrants


Smedes, Susan Dabney

Smith County

Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center

Smith, Bessie, Death of

Smith, Frank Ellis

Smith, Hazel Brannon

Smith, James Argyle

Smith, Orma Rinehart “Hack”

Smith, Patrick D.

Smith, Robert

Smith, Robert L. T.

Smith, Sydney McCain

Smith, Wadada Leo

Smith, Willie Mae Ford

Smylie, James

Soil, Mississippi State: Natchez Silt Loam


Sold Down the River

Somerville, Nellie Nugent

Southern Cross the Dog

Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union

Southwestern Humor

Southwick, Leslie Harburd


Spanish Period-Government

Speakes, Larry M.

Spencer, Elizabeth

Split-Ticket Voting

Staples, Pops, and the Staples Singers

Starke, Peter Burwell

"Starkville City Jail"

Starkville Cotton District

States’ Rights


Stein Mart

Stennis, John C.

Steptoe, E. W.

Stevens, Stella (Estelle Eggleston)

Stevens, Thelma

Still, William Grant

Stockett, Katherine

Stone County

Stone, Alfred Holt

Stone, John

Stone, John Marshall

Street, James

Stringer, Emmett J.

Stuart, Marty

Stuart, Thomas C.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Sullens, Fred

Summer, Eugenia

Sumner, Cid Ricketts (Bertha Louise Ricketts)

Sunflower County

Sunflower County Civil Rights Movement

Sweet Potatoes

Sydnor, Charles Sackett