Paige, Rod


Panic of 1837

Panola County

Parchman Prison

Parker, Laurie

Parks, State

Pascagoula River


Patriotic American Youth

Patterson, Carolyn Bennett

Patterson, Robert “Tut”

Patton, Charley

Payton, Walter

Peacock, Willie B. Wazir

Pearl River

Pearl River Convention

Pearl River County


Percy, LeRoy

Percy, Walker

Percy, William Alexander

Perkins, John M.

Perry County

Pettus, John Jones

Phares, David Lewis

Phil Hardin Foundation

Phillips, Martin W.

Phillips, Thomas Hal


Physicians, African American

Pig Law

Pigee, Vera Mae

Pike County


Pillars, Eliza Farish

Pine Forests

Piney Woods

Piney Woods Herding

Piney Woods School

Pitchlynn, John

Pitchlynn, Peter Perkins

Pittman, Gail Jones

Pittman, Paul

Plants, Native

Player, Willa B.

Pleasant Reed House

Plummer, Franklin E.

Plumpp, Sterling D.

Pohl, Emma Ody

Poindexter, George

Polk, James K.

Polk, Noel

Polk, Ron

Pontotoc County

Poor People’s Campaign

Population Trends

Populist Movement

Populist Party

Port Gibson and Claiborne County Civil Rights Movement

Port Gibson, Battle of

Posey, Buford

Posey, Carnot

Posey, Parker

Pottery, Folk

Poverty Rate, Twenty-First Century

Poverty, Antebellum White

Powell, Susie

Powers, Ridgley Ceylon

Po’ Monkey’s Lounge

Prather, Lenore

Premanufactured Buildings

Prentiss County

Prentiss Normal and Industrial Institute

Prentiss, Seargent S.


Presley, Elvis

Price, Leontyne

Price, Zelma Wells

Pride, Charley

Primitive Baptists

Private Schools Since the 1950s


Protest Songs

Protohistoric Period

Public Welfare

Puckett, Niles Newbell