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Book Publishing

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Carter, Hodding, III

Carter, Jr., Hodding

Choctaw Folktales

Civil War Diaries and Memoirs

Claiborne, John F. H.

Clark, Thomas Dionysius

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Cohn, David L.

Curry, Constance

Dittmer, John

Dollarhide, Louis

Donald, David Herbert

Ethnographies of Mississippi

Eubanks, Ralph

Falkner, William Clark

Foote, Shelby

Ford, Richard

Freedom Summer Narratives

Fulkerson, Horace S.

Garner, James Wilford

Harrison, Juanita

Holland, Endesha Ida Mae

Holtzclaw, William Henry

Howell, Elmo

Hughes, Henry

Jordan, Winthrop D.

Kearney, Belle

Lee, George Washington (Writer)

Lee, Muna

Literary Anthologies

Lowry, Beverly

Lynch, John Roy

Mars, Florence

McLemore, Richard and Nannie Pitts McLemore

McMillen, Neil R.

Mills, William

Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Monette, John Wesley

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Tunica Indians

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