Mabus, Ray

Madison County

Magnolia, Southern

Malaco Records

Mallory, Arenia

Malone, Dumas

Mammy’s Cupboard

Manning, Archie

Map Resources

Mara, Thalia

March Against Fear, The

Marion County

Married Women’s Property Act

Mars, Florence

Marschalk, Andrew

Marshall County

Martin, Phillip

Martin, William Thompson

Mary Holmes College

Mary Mahoney’s Old French Restaurant

Mason, Charles Harrison

Mason, Gilbert R.

Massive Resistance

Matthews, Burnita Shelton

Matthews, Joseph W.

Maxwell, John Caldwell

Mayfield, M. B.

McAllister, Deuce

McAllister, Jane

McBryde, Addie

McCarty Pottery

McCarty, Oseola

McClinton, O. B.

McComb Civil Rights Movement

McCrady, John

McDew, Chuck

McDonald, James L.

McDowell, “Mississippi” Fred

McGee, Willie

McGhee, Laura

McLaurin, Anselm Joseph

McLaurin, Charles

McLean, George A.

McLemore, Leslie Burl

McLemore, Richard and Nannie Pitts McLemore

McMillen, Neil R.

McMullan, Margaret

McMurray, Lillian Shed, and Trumpet Records

McNair, Evander

McNair, Steve

McNeal, P. Sanders

McNutt, Alexander G.

McRae, John J.

McRae’s Department Stores

McRaney, Gerald

McWillie, William

Mead, Cowles

Medicine, Folk

Melrose and the Natchez Mansion House

Meredith, James

Meridian Campaign

Meridian Museum of Art


Mexican-American War

Mexicans and Mexican Americans in the Mississippi Delta

Midden Mound Project


Migration, Great


Military Bases

Mills, William

Millsaps College

Milton, Little (James Milton Campbell, Jr.)

Ming, Hoyt, and His Pep Steppers

Minor, Bill

Mission Mississippi

Missionaries to Mississippi Indians

Missionary Baptists

Mississippi Action for Progress (MAP)

Mississippi Art Association / Mississippi Museum of Art

Mississippi Baptist Convention

Mississippi Blues Trail

Mississippi Burning

Mississippi Choctaw Indian Federation (MCIF)

Mississippi College

Mississippi College School of Law

Mississippi Constitutional Convention of 1890

Mississippi Council on Human Relations

Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival

Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Mississippi Federation of Business & Professional Women’s Clubs

Mississippi Folklore Society

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

Mississippi Freedom Labor Union

Mississippi Health Project

Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol

Mississippi Historical Society

Mississippi Industrial College

Mississippi Industrial Institute and College

“Mississippi: Is This America?”

Mississippi Magazine

Mississippi Manufacturing Company

Mississippi Masala

Mississippi Mass Choir

Mississippi Mud Pie

Mississippi Nurses’ Association

Mississippi Picnic in Central Park

Mississippi Sandhill Crane

Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

Mississippi School for the Blind

Mississippi School for the Deaf

Mississippi State Colonization Society

Mississippi State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs

Mississippi State Normal School for Colored Youth

Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission

Mississippi State University

Mississippi Statehood

Mississippi University for Women (MUW)

Mississippi University for Women Founders

Mississippi University for Women v. Hogan

Mississippi v. Johnson

Mississippi Valley State University

Mississippian Decline

Mississippian Period

Mississippians for Public Education

Mitchell, Jerry, Jr.

Mitchell, Margaret King

Mize, Sidney Carr

Mobley, Mary Ann

Mockbee, Samuel

Mockingbird, Northern

Mohamed, Ethel Wright

Mollison, W. E.

Moman, Zipporah Elizabeth

Monette, John Wesley

Monroe County

Montgomery County

Montgomery, Benjamin Thornton

Montgomery, Isaiah Thornton

Montgomery, Sonny

Moody, Anne

Moore, Amzie

Moore, Dorothy

Morgan, Albert T.

Morgan, Berry

Morrill Act and Land-Grant Schools

Morris, Willie

Moses, Bob

Mosley, Jessie Bryant

Mound Bayou

Mound Builders


Muhammad, Curtis Hayes

Mule Farming

Mule Racing


Murph, Benjamin E.

Murphree, Dennis

Murray, Judith Sargent

Murrell, John

Musgrove, Ronnie



Music, Religious