Adams, Victoria Gray

Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education

Americans for the Preservation of the White Race

Barry, Marion

Beittel, Adam

Bender, William Albert

Bennett, Lerone, Jr.

Bevel, James

Black Power

Blackwell, Unita

Block, Sam

Blue Mountain College

Borinski, Ernst

Born of Conviction Statement

Boycotts, Civil Rights

Brady, Thomas P.

Brooks, Owen H.

Brown v. Board of Education

Brown, R. Jess, Carsie A. Hall, and Jack H. Young, Sr.

Brown-Wright, Flonzie (Goodloe)

Bryant, C. C.

Campbell, Clarice T.

Campbell, Will D.

Canton Civil Rights Movement

Cemeteries, Union and Confederate

Chicago, Black Mississippians in

Child Development Group of Mississippi

Children’s Crusade

Chinn, C. O.

Church Property Bill

Citizens’ Council

Citizens’ Councils

Civil Rights Law of 1873

Civil Rights Movement, Legacies of

Civil Rights Movement, Women in

Clark, Colia Liddell LaFayett

Cobb, Charles E., Jr.

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

Conner, Douglas L.

Connor, Peggy Jean

Coordinating Committee for Fundamental American Freedoms

Council of Federated Organizations

Courts, Gus

Dahmer, Vernon

Darden, Charles R.

Delta Ministry

Dennis, David J., Sr.

Derian, Patricia

Desegregation of Private Colleges

Desegregation of Public Colleges and Universities

Devine, Annie

Dittmer, John

Donald, Cleveland, Jr.

Edelman, Marian Wright

Evers, Charles

Evers, Medgar Wiley

Evers, Medgar, Homecoming Celebration

Evers-Williams, Myrlie

Free Southern Theater

Freedom City

Freedom Riders

Freedom Schools

Freedom Songs

Freedom Summer Project

Freedom Summer Narratives

Freedom Vote

Gibbs-Green Shootings

Gray, Duncan Montgomery, Jr.

Green, Winifred

Greenwood Civil Rights Movement

Guyot, Lawrence

Hamer, Fannie Lou

Hamer, Fannie Lou - “I Question America” Testimony

Harvey, Clarie Collins

Hattiesburg Civil Rights Movement

Head Start

Henry, Aaron

Holmes County Civil Rights Movement

Hudson, Winson

Jackson Civil Rights Movement

Johnson, Aaron

Johnston, Erle

Kennard, Clyde

Kennedy, Robert F., in Mississippi

King, Clennon

King, Ed

Ku Klux Klan during the Civil Rights Period

Ladner, Dorie Ann

Ladner, Joyce Ann

Lee, George Washington (Minister and Activist)

Lee, George Washington (Writer)

Lee, Herbert

Leventhal, Mel


Logan, A. M. E.

Lumumba, Chokwe (Edwin Finley Taliaferro)

Lyells, Ruby Elizabeth Stutts

Lynching and Mob Violence

March Against Fear, The

Mars, Florence

Mason, Gilbert R.

Massive Resistance

McComb Civil Rights Movement

McDew, Chuck

McGhee, Laura

McLaurin, Charles

McLemore, Leslie Burl

Meredith, James

Mississippi Council on Human Relations

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

Mississippi Freedom Labor Union

Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol

Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission

Moody, Anne

Moore, Amzie

Moses, Bob

Mosley, Jessie Bryant

Muhammad, Curtis Hayes

Murph, Benjamin E.

Natchez Civil Rights Movement

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)

Neshoba County Murders

Nussbaum, Perry

Parchman Prison

Peacock, Willie B. Wazir

Perkins, John M.

Pigee, Vera Mae

Poor People’s Campaign

Port Gibson and Claiborne County Civil Rights Movement

Posey, Buford

Protest Songs


Regional Council of Negro Leadership

Religion and the Civil Rights Movement

Republic of New Afrika

Ruffin, Susie B.

Salter, John R., Jr.

Satterfield, John C.

Schutt, Jane


Silver, James W.

Simmons, Earl

Simmons, William J.


Slaughter-Harvey, Constance

Smith, Robert

Smith, Robert L. T.

Steptoe, E. W.

Stevens, Thelma

Stringer, Emmett J.

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

Sunflower County Civil Rights Movement

Thompson, Bennie

Till, Emmett

Till-Mobley, Mamie

Tougaloo Nine

Travis, Brenda

Trumpauer, Joan

Turnbow, Hartman

United States v. Price

Voter Education Project

Voting and Voting Rights since the Voting Rights Act

War on Poverty

Watkins, Hollis

Wednesdays in Mississippi

Wilkie, Curtis

WLBT-TV and Civil Rights

Womanpower Unlimited

Zellner, Bob