Cain, Mary Dawson

Caldwell, Charles

Calhoun County

Cameron, Ben

Cameron, Jennie Mae Quinn

Camille, Hurricane

Camp Van Dorn

Campbell College

Campbell, A. Boyd

Campbell, Clarice T.

Campbell, J. A. P.

Campbell, Lucie E.

Campbell, Will D.

Cane Basketry

Cannon, Gus

Canton Civil Rights Movement

Canzoneri, Robert

Capers, Charlotte

Carloss, Helen

Carr, Sam (Samuel Lee McCollum)

Carroll County

Carter, Betty Werlein

Carter, Bo (Armenter Chatmon)

Carter, Hodding, III

Carter, Jr., Hodding

Carter, Mae Bertha

Cartwright, George

Cartwright, Samuel Adolphus

Cassity, Turner

Catalog Shopping


Catfish Farming


Catledge, William Turner

Cattle Tick Eradication

Cemeteries, Union and Confederate

Center for Oral History and Cultural Heritage

Center for the Study of Southern Culture

Chalmers, James Ronald

Chamani, Miriam (Mary Robin Adams)

Champion Hill, Battle of

Chatmon Family and the Mississippi Sheiks

Chaze, Elliot

Chicago, Black Mississippians in


Chickasaw Bayou, Battle of

Chickasaw County

Chickasaw War

Chickasaw-European Relations

Chickasaw-U.S. Relations

Child Development Group of Mississippi

Children’s Crusade


Chinn, C. O.

Choctaw and Chickasaw in Oklahoma

Choctaw Constitution of 1945

Choctaw County

Choctaw Education

Choctaw Fair

Choctaw Folktales

Choctaw Indians, Mississippi Band of

Choctaw Language

Choctaw Music

Choctaw Stickball

Choctaw Sweat Lodges

Christian Methodist Episcopal Church (Colored Methodist Episcopal Church)

Church of Christ (Holiness)

Church of God in Christ

Church Property Bill

Churches of Christ

Citizens’ Council

Citizens’ Councils

Civil Rights Law of 1873

Civil Rights Movement, Legacies of

Civil Rights Movement, Women in

Civil War Arsenals

Civil War Centennial

Civil War Commemorations

Civil War Diaries and Memoirs

Civil War Monuments

Civil War Soldiers, African American

Civilian Conservation Corps

Claiborne County

Claiborne, Craig

Claiborne, John F. H.

Clark, Charles

Clark, Colia Liddell LaFayett

Clark, Kate Freeman

Clark, Robert G.

Clark, Thomas Dionysius

Clarke County

Clarke, Joshua Giles

Clay County

Clay, Maude Schuyler

Clayton, Alexander

Clayton, Claude F.


Clinton Riot (Massacre) of 1875

Clower, Jerry

Club Ebony

Coahoma County

Coahoma County Folklore Study

Cobb, Charles E., Jr.

Cobb, Cully

Cobb, Joseph Beckham

Cochran, Thad

Coe, Fred

Cohn, David L.

Cohran, Kelan Philip

Colbert, George (Chooshemataha), Levi (Itawamba Mingo), and William (Tootemastubbe)

Coleman, James Plemon

Collier, Holt

Comeback Sauce (Come-Back, Kum-Bak, Kumback, Kumbak)

Community and Junior Colleges

Community Festivals

Conerly, Charlie

Confederate Army, Mississippians in

Confederate Symbol Controversies at the University of Mississippi

Congress of Industrial Organizations and Operation Dixie

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)

Conner, Douglas L.

Conner, Martin Sennet

Connor, Peggy Jean

Constitution of 1817

Constitution of 1832

Constitution of 1868

Constitution of 1890

Constitutional Development Since 1890

Convict Leasing and Chain Gangs

Cook, Fannye

Cooke, Sam

Cooper, Douglas Hancock

Coordinating Committee for Fundamental American Freedoms

Copeland, James

Copiah County

Cora, Cat

Corinth, Battle of



Cotton Gins

Cotton, James "Superharp"

Cottrell, Elias

Council of Federated Organizations

Country Music Oprys

County Government

Courthouse Squares

Courtney, Ezra

Courts, Gus

Covington County

Cox, Minnie Geddings

Cox, William Harold

Crane, Florence Hedleston

Creek War

Creekmore, Hubert

Crop Dusting

Crop Liens

Crosby Lumber Companies

Crossroads Myth

Crowe, Milburn James

Crowley, Mart

Crudup, Arthur “Big Boy”

CSS Arkansas

Cultural Crossroads Quilters

Curry, Constance